Plasma tricks: start a torrent from another device

KTorrent and KDE Connect

Are you browsing the web with your Android smart-phone/tablet and suddenly you see that your favourite distro just release the ISO you are waiting? Do you want to tap on “download” and start the torrent but… do you want to use your PC instead of the current device? OK here KDE Connect and KTorrent are your heroes. Let’s see how to setup all.

1) open KTorrent > move to add-ons tab > activate the scan folder one
2) open KTorrent’s settings > move to scan folder tab > set a path and check open-without-warnings option

KDE Connect (from the device will download the torrent):
1) KDE Connect settings (from your PC) > obviously pair your devices
2) check the file sharing service and open its settings > set as destination folder the one scanned by KTorrent

Now let’s try it:
1) download a .torrent file from your phone
2) share it with KDE Connect app (or open the app, select your destination, tap on “send a file” and select it)
The torrent should start on your PC without other inputs

Useful if you have a download-device without monitor and input devices.

Maybe this could work also from Plasma Desktop to Plasma Desktop. Currently I can’t try, comments if you know it and let me know too 😉

And what about starting a .torrent when you are not at home and your PC s there? You could apply the same idea using for example Syncthing or ownCloud client (or any other thing that let you put a .torrent file from your phone to a folder of your PC).

Now you know KTorrent can scan folders and KDE Connect can put files into a folder, I’m sure you are smart enough to find other ways to use these two feature 😉

Ciao and see you around!

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  1. Just sending the URL to the desktop device should just work, not even need to share the file.
    Also it should work with magnets.

    Desktop to desktop should work just as well! 🙂

  2. Neat 🙂 I reckon for computer to computer you could just download the torrent and scp/sftp it to the other computer’s ktorrent-watched folder. I’ve tried to start a torrent remotely before and winded up using vnc which kinda sucked. This looks much better. Never knew ktorrent can watch and auto-open torrents in a folder ^^

  3. ktorrent is a very nice client, the main problem that forced me to stop using it is that the GUI is not separed from the core like other torrent clients (using deluge at the moment).
    A core+gui version of Ktorrent would totally rock!

    1. For me every app should be designed as you mention: cli + gui 🙂
      For KTorrent there is the web gui if you need to control it remotely.
      If you are looking specifically for a cli, consider that Ktorrent has a DBUS interface, so you can use a script like this one:

  4. AGui

    This is exactly the kind of feature which makes KDE software awesome. But a little more user friendlyness would be better. A standard folder which would be watched automatically if Ktorrent if you simply check a box in the settings (~/.ktorrent/kdeconnect for instance). If you check this box, KDE Connect on the desktop would register itself as being able to receive torrents. KDE Connect on other devices would then be allowed to send it torrent files. Does the KDE Connect infrastructure enable this kind of behaviour ?

    1. AFAIK yes it’s possible, and it would be cool to apply this to other file types 🙂

  5. KTorrent also has a web interface, so you can send torrents to it there and then actually see how they’re progressing. Unsurprisingly this means folks have written apps that interface with that web frontend; the one I use personally on Android is Transdroid, available on the Play Store as Transdrone or directly from the devs with the extra feature of searching for torrents (they have a slightly complicated history on the Store…). And it’s GPLv3, so nice and Free 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tips! 🙂 Transdroid and Transdrone are on F-droid store, too \o/

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