I “defined” a file-type for web-apps and wrote the script to install them with Electron

Hi all, you may have read my post on Nativefier, a script to build Electron web apps from URLs. If not, check it for advantages of Electron web apps, like low RAM consumption.

Instead a disadvantage of Nativefier is that on Linux it doesn’t “install” the app, but just create a portable folder, so you have to manually create the launcher with name, icon etc.

So I decided to “define” a file type with the metadata to install the app following Freedesktop specifications: *.webapp files.

Then I wrote a script, nativefier-freedesktop, that takes *.webapp file as input, build the app with Nativefier and install it, so you can launch it from your app menu. It can include custom CSS style and JavaScript code to be injected during the building. The icon can be themed by icon themes.

Here there is an example of KDE Phabricator with Breeze style (*.webapp file included in the repo):

That has native notifications:

Can be unistalled with a right-click on its entry in the app menu:

And there is also a Service Menu for Dolphin to perform “right-click > Install” on *.webapp files:

For more informations and instructions check the repo.

I hope you like the idea, I will distribute more *.webapp files, maybe of sites with Breeze style.