Plasma tricks: different App Menu for different Activities

ย The “Plasma tricks” series continues, I have a list of ~10 cool tricks but not the time to post them regularly. Today I decided to share this one because with Plasma 5.9 you can pin apps in task manager by Activity:
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Pin app to current activity
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But what if you don’t like to pin apps in the task manager, but want a menu with different apps for each Activity? Now I will explain how to get the result in the video below:
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(direct link in case it’s not shown:
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  1. Copy the app launchers you want from /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/ to somewhere in your home or manually write them
  2. Right click on them > Activities > Link to the Activities you want to show them
  3. On your panel add a Folder View plasmoid and set it as follow:

Show files from current Activity

(Location > Show files linked to the current activity)

Filter desktop files

(Filter > Show Files Matching and select ONLY application/x-desktop)

Now play with other options like icon, title, view etc as you want. The wallpapers are available on my profile on KDE Store as part of the “Plasma Activities series” and so you can download them directly from Plasma’s get new wallpapers dialog.

I hope you find this useful, ciao!

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  1. Shawn


  2. Eike

    We’re planning to intror per-activity favorites in launchet menus in 5.10 fwiw.

    1. Eike

      Ugh, many typos from hurried phone typing ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Good to know, but I hope they will be shared with various app launchers, because now I don’t use favorites because when I switch from a launcher to another I loose favorites ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Thanks for the post, tricks like these can be cool indeed. Maybe we should setup a wiki page for these.

    1. I was thinking the same thing: Plasma – tips and tricks

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  5. g

    You dare to make a publication about the QtCurve style and its different options of customization

    1. I don’t use it because of bugs in Qt5 version, sorry.

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