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This week the Plasma team is sprinting and maybe the time to discuss Plasma Mobile’s UI is coming! Andrea Del Sarto and me didn’t join the sprint this year, but we wanted to contribute with our ideas, trying to inspire future works 🙂
So we decided to make a video with some mockups but… we are very busy this week! So I spent some hours to make at least the “Part 1” and then sorry for the bad quality of the video/animations 🙂 the next time Andrea will join me in the animation and post production part and for sure the result will be better 🙂

Direct link if you don’t see the embed video:

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  1. Ryan

    Looks pretty sensible, great work!

  2. Casper Clemence

    I love the concept of a “2-in-1” device, although I am a KDE user I was sad the Ubuntu phone didn’t work out because it seemed like a powerful concept. I also like the idea of keeping the interface as consistent as possible between the two.

    Where I see a tension in this is that for desktop it is great to have configurability (and Plasma does this better than any other desktop) but the smaller the device, the more important it is to have the interface completely worked out and all of the interactions tested.

  3. sola

    I like the concept very much. Good work!

    When will we have this convergent stuff on the Nexus5 reference device?

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  5. I can’t wait to get away from the Androids and iPhones and have a user-centered phone!

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  7. Mama Luigi

    I like that you are doing concept work for this; I think it really helps envision what the final interface should look and behave like. I also think that Plasma’s “Breeze” theme is great and would be well-accepted by most users, even non-Linux enthusiasts. The only concern here is that the concepts you are proposing are somewhat convoluted. I think it is okay for Plasma Mobile to be simple.

    Some more specific critiques/ideas:

    (Main screen) – The main screen here is cluttered. The top clock takes up far more space than it needs. The quick-launch icons are nice, but they should have their names put with them to avoid any ambiguity. The task bar is too small, and combines too many things. Just a button for Kickoff, some context-independent controls (like the back-button on Android) and a few important items from the system tray, like battery status and things like internet connection and Bluetooth.

    (Systray) – I love this idea! I use an iPhone as my phone, and I hate that the “control center” and notifications are two separate screens. Great idea there!

    (Keyboard) – The keyboard design is nice and function; very reminiscent of the Google keyboard, but there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t think the “swipe up to get the keyboard thing” is very good, though. I think they keyboard should be risen up if a text entry is required (like a text box is tapped), and like other mobile OSes it should have an option to resize the current window to fit the keyboard in, rather than overlapping the keyboard on top of the window.

    (KRunner on Keyboard) – I think that using KRunner should be used from Kickoff only; the Kickoff button is easily tapped by the user if they need Kickoff. Sure, it is two taps rather than a single swipe to get to KRunner, but with that KRunner isn’t invading other areas where it doesn’t really belong.

    (Dolphin?) – This is another case of trying to stand out appears to merely convolutes the experience. The search button thing is awkwardly placed and the folder buttons are unlabeled.

    (Smaller Screen UI) – Like I stated, I think the system tray should be on the main taskbar, rather than the task manager. The proposed idea doesn’t explain if the location of the system tray changes how the to access the expanded Systray.

    (Tablet UI) – Here, the task manager should be put on the taskbar. I think the proposed design here works.

    Sorry for the essay, but those are just some thoughts I had. I think you’re on the right path, but I fear this project could succumb to overcomplexity to accommodate power users rather than “regular” users. I understand that at the moment only power users are using Plasma Mobile, but I don’t think that they are the only users that should be considered.

    These are just my opinions. Take them with a grain of salt if you wish. Best of luck with this!

    1. Thanks 🙂 but all your critiques are about drafts: my mockup are made to showcase a particular aspect, they are not intended to be perfect. Dolphin and Gwenview in this video are just super-quick drafts because I need to showcase the task manager. About applications, there is a ton of work on both look and usability but currently not in Dolphin and Gwenview mobile versions.

      I’m happy that everything I wanted to showcase is OK for you, that’s what matters 🙂

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