telegram monochrome icon

Monochrome systray icon for Telegram

Many Plasma users asked for a consistent Telegram icon in the systray, that by default is blue, while Plasma uses monochrome icons in the systray by default. This is how it looks like with Breeze style:

telegram monochrome icon

telegram monochrome icon dark

telegram monochrome icon

How to apply it

Download this zip, extract it, and copy the contents of Breeze or BreezeDark folders into
(that is hidden in your Home) and replace the icons Telegram cached there.

Menu to switch between light/dark

These icons are “static”, they doesn’t follow the theme automatically like Plasma’s icons do. So if you often switch between Breeze and Breeze Dark you may like a menu like this on the Telegram icon:

telegram monochrome icon

To add it:

  1. Copy both Breeze and BreezeDark into “.TelegramDesktop/tdata/` (not in “ticons”)

  2. go into .local/share/application, where the launchers of your apps should be and edit the Telegram one with Kate or another text editor. If you don’t have a Telegram launcher but it’s listed in your app menu, check usr/share/applications and copy it from there into ./local/share/application (don’t try to edit it with root permissions, if your distro shipped it, it will be replaced with the next distro upgrade). If you have no Telegram launcher create one with Kmenuedit. Add to the Telegram .desktop launcher the following text:


[Desktop Action breeze]
Exec=sh `rm -rf ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons; ln -s Breeze ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons`
Name[it_IT]=Usa icona Breeze nella systray
Name=Use Breeze icon in systray

[Desktop Action breeze-dark]
Exec=sh `rm -rf ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons; ln -s Breeze\ Dark ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons`
Name[it_IT]=Usa icona Breeze Dark nella systray
Name=Use Breeze Dark icon in systray

[Desktop Action default]
Exec=rm -rf ~/.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons
Name[it_IT]=Usa icona predefinita nella systray
Name=Use default icon in systray

It simply creates links to Breeze or Breeze Dark (or delete it to restore the default icon). Now you can use the menu to switch theme (restart Telegram to see the changes).

In the zip there is also the svg source if you want to use other colors.

I hope you like it. Ciao!

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  1. Víctor

    Thansk a lot Alex. I had made a similar solution but without counter.

    1. You should had spread the thick immediately 😛 I discovered it by accident.

  2. Víctor

    Left now the notifications. 😛

    1. I gave up: tdesktop/issue/91.
      Instead I hope to see Telepathy shines with Telegram and other protocols. It could provide a deeper integration with the system.

      1. Markus

        Well, using a 3rd party implementation gets you all the problems of using a 3rd party implementation, i.e. lacking several features like message editing and so on.

        I used Cutegram for a while because of better integration but it turned out that I could live with all other problems of Telegram Desktop after they implemented Ctrl-Q support.

        As for notifications: You could use KDE Connect to get Telegram notifications from your phone. Those are native.

        1. If editing messages and other advanced features are in Telegram API, what prevents third party implementation from using them?
          The ideal scenario is having Telepathy on both Plasma and Plasma Mobile managing the same accounts with synced settings. And providing deeper integration than KDE Connect.

          With KDE Connect notifications you can’t click on them to open Telegram.

  3. ochurlaud

    You keep doing more icons for everything so that the look-and-feel stays consistent. This is good.

    But it means that you need to do icons for every single piece of software out there, which is hardly manageable and maintainable, and that we, users, will have on our hard disk:

    the icon shipped by the developer
    the icon shipped by breeze
    a ton of icons for programs that we don’t use, shipped by breeze.

    I think the real problem is about the last point (+ the maintainability issue). Any thoughts?

    1. My work and VDG one often are workarounds caused by development bad practices. Telegram is a special case because it doesn’t care of Linux and Freedesktop standards, so it doesn’t support theming its icons. Anyway this is not what KDE should care about. Maybe KDE could ship the icons I made for Telegram and distros could care to put them in right Telegram directory.
      But in KDE apps there are a lot of icons from the wrong categories: action icons as categories, mimetype icons as actions etc etc. There are a lot of efforts to fix this in the Breeze theme, because there are not enough people maintaining the apps to fix the icon bugs there.
      So, if we want to improve maintainability, we should focus on apps, not Breeze theme. For example by making all the KDE apps use a different icon for systray and not the app launcher one, i.e. kmail.svg and kmail-systray.svg. So everyone can theme them without going crazy.

  4. Thank you Alex L, more one amazing work from you!

  5. Aldy

    Thanks for this! To get the action menu working correctly with Breeze Dark icons I modified the folder’s name from “Breeze Dark” to “BreezeDark”.

    Also I added some translations in Spanish to the actions menu on Telegram’s launcher.

    Name[es_AR]=Usar iconos Breeze en la bandeja de sistema
    Name[es_ES]=Usar iconos Breeze en la bandeja de sistema

    Name[es_AR]=Usar iconos Breeze Dark en la bandeja de sistema
    Name[es_ES]=Usar iconos Breeze Dark en la bandeja de sistema

    Name[es_AR]=Usar iconos por defecto en la bandeja de sistema

    Name[es_ES]=Usar iconos Breeze Dark en la bandeja de sistema

    1. Aldy

      There is a mistake in the last “es_ES” line.

    2. Thank you, I will fix it.

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  12. Mikkle

    I have a desktop and laptop, and .TelegramDesktop exists on my desktop, but not on my laptop! I’m pretty sure I’m running the same version of Telegram. The only difference is that the desktop is running KDE Neon Dev Edition (stable) and the laptop is running User Edition. Weird!

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  14. Sajjad

    Hi Alex,
    in recent telegram update (1.5.8) the icons are not in the mentioned folder any more and I couldn’t find the right one to edit that again! So the ugly blue icon is messing my tray again. Any idea how to fix it?

    1. Yes, sorry for the late reply. In file names “ico” must be replaced by “icon”, for example icon_22_1.png. When I will have the time I will update the files I uploaded here.

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