Some new Breeze app icons in Frameworks 5.22


Some icons I made, you can find them in KDE Frameworks 5.22

The QOwnNotes icon became the official one. Give to this app a try, it’s super.

The R icon is for Cantor’s R backend.

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  1. 😀 Cool stuff!

    1. Gallaecio

      Really nice indeed!

  2. desaparecido

    hey, thanks! I’m use git versions and I was surprised when I discover the new Knotes integrated in Kontact .. I don’t use the others apps to discover you others icons but Knote is really nice .. finally breeze theme 😉

  3. Really beautiful! I liked the Kile icon! 🙂

  4. Thanks again for the great QOwnNotes icon, Alex!

    1. Thank you for that really great app 😉

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  6. Is it possible to have a breeze-style icon for Telegram in system tray? I love my flat and black’n white icons in system tray but Telegram uses a blue icon 🙁

    1. The current architecture imply that the app (in this case Telegram) has to use an icon placed in the system’s icon folder to make themes able to customize it. You can try to look at the Telegram Desktop’s issues at GitHub but the requests for a better integration in Linux (ex: use of libnotify for native notifications) exist for years and it don’t seems to be important for the Telegram Desktop developer (that said it’s his first Linux app).

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