Plasma 5.7 will let you login through online account (April Fool)

Cloud login

Edit: please check the publishing date of this post if you didn’t and then come here for explanation

KDE is going to provide an ownCloud installation to let Plasma and KDE PIM (Kontact) users sync their data: you can already use ownCloud with cardDAV, calDAV and webDAV protocols to keep contacts, calendars and files synced across your devices, including the ones powered by Plasma and Kontact.

The next step is providing an ownCloud app to sync Plasma configurations and manage them. When work will be completed you will be able to load a Plasma session by specifying your username, password and ownCloud provider (KDE one or your own hosted one) and find everything synced: Plasma’s look and feel, ownCloud hosted files in Dolphin, your email account, contacts and calendar set up in Kontact and in general user’s apps configuration.

More coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice April fool hoax :-p

  2. John

    ahah April’s 1st!!!

    (would be very cool, however!!! – Maybe one day…)

  3. Kjetil Kilhavn

    Ot would be a nice to have the option of synchronizing my work laptop and the corresponding account on my desktop at home, so I hope this is not an April Fool’s joke.

  4. DanaKil

    Wow, just a big thank you to all involved people !

  5. aqeeliz

    Could this be real? I hope it’s real. Well, not the logging in part, but syncing Plasma setting and changes that would be cool. Unfortunately it’s the wrong day to get excited about stuff…. 🙁

  6. ivan

    this is awesome, i’d add the ability to whitelist only some specific owncloud servers, otherwise one could enter any kde pc with their own account and it could cause some problems (eg if there are specific apps they shouldn’t access or other)

  7. AGui

    It would be really nice, but on April 1st, I don’t trust it !

  8. Pascal d'Hermilly

    Super excellent!!!
    Please make sure that the data mirrored from the online account is stored encrypted.
    When inputting the user account name please make it simple so if you put it will automatically look for the account at or It could be overridden by specifying a location in a DNS TXT records, but shouldn’t be mandatory since it’s requires advanced access and technical skills.

    Will it mount the owncloud data (non-profile data) through webdavfs or something like that?
    Open for lots of details and really looking forward to trying this out soon due to KDE NEON which should make it easy to test and give feedback 🙂

  9. How will it work with someone syncing ownCloud storage with the ownCloud app?

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  11. V

    April 1st? 😉

  12. Unstated

    Is this an April Fools?

  13. Silver

    Wow, guys, awesome! You’re going “enterprise” with open source 🙂

  14. Urbano Freitas

    This would be awesome.

    Keep the good work.

  15. I really hope that this is not an 1st april joke beacause I really have usecases for that 🙂

  16. Uniq

    It’s April Fools’ Day.

  17. J Janz

    Please tell me this is not that stupid april fools habit spread out today…

  18. lazy

    Sarebbe bello se fosse vero 😛

  19. Sinok

    Some people forgot to check the date… 😀

  20. richard

    Almost to good to be true, I hope this is not another april fools…

    But if so, this IS TOTALLY AWESOME!

  21. Ricardo J. Barberis

    I just noticed the date, so I have to ask: Is this for real?

    If it is, then it indeed is good news 🙂


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  24. Jimi

    This is fantastic. Taking of kontact, is there anything in the horizon to keep it and konqueror maintained, qt5 port bug fixes new features etc, I remember reading a blog from a year ago where konqueror was looking for a new maintainer. Also, any plans for Google / onedrive integration, I understand the issues with Google in the past… While I’m here, the Dropbox app is a bit flaky and unresponsive…

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  26. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself
    or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know
    where u got this from. many thanks

    1. Hi, thank you. As I wrote in About, it’s “Materialist” theme for WordPress. You can find it in WordPress’ theme store. I edited just the colors.

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