Planet KDE on Telegram

Planet KDE on Telegram

Ehilà guys, you can follow Planet KDE as Telegram channel:
…or in your Telegram client type “@planetkde” in global search field.

(I have set a bot to mirror the RSS feed to a Telegram channel).

You can also see KDE announcements at @kdenews.

that’s all, ciao!

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  1. Fabian

    What about a Plasma Users Supergroup? Would be nice to have something like this too.

    1. gathers some Telegram groups (most of them were created by me as starting point, not every group is really active). Since it’s a wiki, I hope users will add their groups by their selves 😉

      1. Fabian

        Thank you
        Maybe it would be possible to add important groups to the main site.
        like telegram, (facebook, twitter, g+ are already there) and whatever in the “social”-widget on

        1. Most KDE sites are in a process of restyling, so maybe after that. You can see a preview of future style at, where there is also a link to a Telegram group 😉

      2. Albert

        That page misses who controls those channels and how to contact them, would probably benefit merging or cross linking from

        Also are those bots free software? Where’s the source code?

        1. Thanks for pointing it out: currently the admins are me and @nicolas17, I have to mention it somewhere, probably merging as you suggested.
          About the bot, it’s a bot configured through an other bot, @manybot, to mirror an RSS feed to a Telegram channel. “Manybot” isn’t open source afaik. I found who can code a bot in KDE, but the question is where to host it in a secure way. I’m also sure that open source bots will be developed by third parties since Telegram recently made bots able to publish in a channel. Let’s wait and investigate it.

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